Thursday, May 20

Saving Some For Later

What is the best part about eating intuitively? Getting to eat chocolate chip cookies two days in a row!

How does this work, you might ask?

Step 1: Buy a ginormous chocolate cookie from your local deli.

Note: iPhone has been used to demonstrate the ginormous-ness of this cookie. Seriously, people. It's huge.

Step 2: Enjoy cookie until you don't enjoy it anymore.

Step 3: Stop eating cookie. (I know...this is harder than it sounds! But, consider the benefits: no belly over-full of cookie and you get to enjoy the cookie on two different occasions. Score!)

Step 4: Eat remaining half of cookie the next day. Or whenever it makes you happy.

Note #2: There is no new picture of the cookie because I ate it! :)

Tea for Me
I have a new liquid love: Green Tea!

Usually, my hot drinks like coffee and tea need to be sweetened with creamers and/or Splenda before I will drink them. I recently started drinking green tea Splenda-less and I found that I don't miss the sweetener at all!

My morning coffee is now my morning green tea and I am loving it! I am trying to cut down on fake sugars and this is a great start.

Tell me...
What healthy changes have you made lately?


  1. I love Note #2. You are so cute.

  2. Unfortunately, none! Maybe tomorrow :)