Monday, January 18

I'm a Kickboxing Instructor!

Tonight was my first official kickboxing class! I have been thinking about teaching for a while now, but never got up the courage to do so. There was an opportunity to teach an intro kickboxing class and all of a sudden my name ended up on the monthly schedule!

I felt so unprepared, so I spent a lot of time planning the class and trying to decide which combos would be best when, etc., etc. Planning an exercise class is harder than it looks! I am sure it will get easier as I become more experienced. Now that I survive tonight, I have to get ready for another class on Wednesday! Oh, boy!

This also means that I have fulfilled one of my 2010 goals for the year already. Woot!
#2 Teach kickboxing - Check!

I still need to get certified, but as long as I had my CPR/AED certification, I was able to start teaching. I am still deciding on which program to choose. Right now, I am decided between the ACE Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA Group Exercise and AFAA Kickboxing certifications. I am leaning towards the AFAA Kickboxing certification, as that is the only type of class I will be teaching, so I think that it makes sense to get a focused certification.

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on becoming certified? There are so many options to choose from!

Green Monster
After I got home from class, I got to work in the kicthen to get ready for tomorrow. Since I am always running short on time in the morning, I decided to make my breakfast tonight. I threw all the ingredients for a Green Monster in the blender and let it do its thing.

I put the blender jar in the fridge so it will be ready for me in the morning. I plan on adding some ice, popping it back on the blender for a couple seconds and will then be off to work for the day. I hope it actually works out as smoothly as it is in my head. I guess I will find out in the morning!

Nightly Snack
To celebrate my first kickboxing class, I dug into one of my favorite new finds: Acher Farms Strawberry yogurt.

It is so rich and creamy. You would never guess that it only has 90 calories! I love "better for you" food finds!

Secret "Single" Behavior
Do you remember the Sex and the City episode where they talked about "secret single behavior" or SSB? The girls talk about what they do when they are home alone. The only one I remember is Carrie's. She liked to eat saltines with grape jelly, while standing in the kitchen reading the latest issue of Vogue.

Husband out tonight, so I was able to indulge in some SBB (secret solo behavior - I am a married women!) of my own. I love, love, love bopping around the house with my iPod on and singing at the top of my lungs.

What is your SBB?

Have a great night!

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