Tuesday, December 29

Super Shopper

Despite my good intentions of serving healthy snacks for the football game last night, we ended up having pizza for dinner. I was able to feel happy and satisfied with two small pieces of cheese pizza, so last night was still a healthy success!

My FitBit Stats from Yesterday:
  • 2,119 calories burned
  • 10,376 steps taken
  • 4.19 miles traveled
I've had it for a couple weeks and have been wearing it on and off. Yesterday was the first time I walked over 10,000 steps! Whoo hoo! I love it!

I got out of the house to run some errands today and take care of some Christmas returns. I went to Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Kohl's and the stores were relatively empty. Everyone must be home with their kids or at work, which is just fine with me. I actually didn't mind going to Walmart today. I usually leave that store feeling pretty angry and irritated, so it was a nice change!

Of the $60 worth of merchandise I returned, I ended up spending $100. Oops! But, in retail math, that means that I only spent $40, so yay me!

I lost my mind a little at Target and ended up buying 2 swimsuits! My ultimate goal is to feel comfortable in a bikini, so I thought have a cute new suit would be a good motivator. I also picked up some workout pants and miscellaneous toiletries. I took some pictures of my loot, but my computer isn't reading my SD card, so I had to search out some examples on the internet.

I really like the Mossimo swimsuit, but the tankini doesn't fit right. Boo! It looks like I have another errand for my next trip out on the town. I love Target's C9 by Champion line of workout clothes, especially the semi fitted pants. They are very comfortable and flattering, so it is a win-win (or win-win-win for The Office lovers out there)!

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