Monday, December 28

My Own Person Trainer

I ordered a FitBit a little over a year ago. Due to slow production, it was backordered for months and it finally came in the mail! This little guy measures numbers of steps taken, distanced traveled, calories burned and even sleep quality!

I love that it is so small and just clips to my pants and it is more inconspicuous than a pedometer.

I don't work at all this week, so I have been keeping myself busy around the house. So far, my FitBit stats are:
  • 5,242 steps
  • 2.12 miles
  • 1,309 calories
So far, the FitBit has kept me motivated to keep moving and I love being able to see the results of my efforts on the little screen! I tried to get a good picture of the results screen, but it wasn't happening.

Eating healthy is usually a challenge for me on days when I am home alone, but being positive and productive has kept me on the right track today. I love feeling healthy and in control over my food choices.

I have been tracking my food at Daily Plate to help me track my food and exercise. I have been counting Weight Watchers Points since February, but I will be watching my calories and nutrients more closely because my body needs a little mild detoxing from all the holiday eating and drinking. I refuse to do anything too strict though, because that always ends up backfiring on me.

My plan for the rest of the day includes going to an excellent kickboxing class and hanging out with family to watch Monday Night Football, so I will be pulling some healthy snacks together for the game.

Go Vikings!

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