Monday, March 15

Counting is Hard

Have you ever repeated a word or phrase so many times that it doesn't sound right all of a sudden? That is what happened to me today when I was teaching kickboxing. I was counting backwards from 25 and 11 just didn't sound right coming after 12.

Impressive, right?

I am still an amateur instructor and continue to learn a lot every time I teach. Who knew counting could be so hard?

It is a beautiful almost-Spring day today and I was able to take advantage of it with my First Walk of the Year! Yippie! I love going for walks outside. It was a last minute excursion, so I didn't have time to recruit a friend. Walk + Friend = Happy Joy (which sounds redundant, but TRUST...that isn't always the case!)

Food Fail
I tried to make Overnight Oats for the first time last night, since I had just polished off a jar of peanut butter. Unfortunately for my breakfast, I was skimpy with the ingredients (1/3 cup oats & 2/3 cup almond milk).

It was totally bland and uninteresting. I tried eating it during my commute (don't worry -
Husband was driving!), but gave up and tossed it when I got to work. I am not sure that I like cold oatmeal either, so I don't know if I will try it again.

I had an emergency packet of reduced sugar fruit and cream oatmeal in my desk at work. When I tried to heat it up in microwave, the microwave didn't work. Cold Oatmeal - Take Two! I found a different microwave (that worked) and finally had my warm, delicious boring oatmeal. *Happy Sigh*

It really is the little things in life...

New Food Finds
I tried THREE new foods today!

1. Fage yogurt with Strawberry

Yum! It was creamy and delicious. I was worried that the strawberry portion was going to be too sweet, but I was happy to be proved wrong. It was a great afternoon snack that kept me full through kickboxing.

2. Mini Apple Pie Larabar

Isnt' it cute? It fit in the palm of my hand and was the perfect snack to tide me over after teaching so I could go on a walk after work and take advantage of the extra hour of daylight!

3. Wendy's Mandarin Chicken Salad

I always, always get a small Wendy's chili, but I have been disappointed in it the past couple times, so I decided to branch out. TECHNICALLY, it wasn't a new-to-me food because I have eaten it before, but it has been YEARS. So, it counts!

How are you using your extra hour of daylight?

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  1. that mini Larabar is so cute :) I wish this Daylight thing was affecting me so I could sleep later..I'm always awake!