Monday, February 22

I'm Back, Baby!


I came down with a wicked chest cold and ear infection that took me out of the running for two weeks.  It was rough!  I don't think it helped that I waited a week to see a doctor.  I am terrible at deciding when to see a doctor.  I usually wait until I have been unbearably sick for days, and it then takes days to get better again.  No fun! 

Cold and Flu season has been especially nasty this year.  I was "lucky" enough to get H1N1 in October, so this is the second time that I have been down for the count!

I tried to take it really easy on myself while I was sick, but that means I haven't been to gym in two weeks!  I am going to get my butt kicked today.  Actually...I will be doing the butt-kicking because I am finally healthy enough to teach my Kickboxing class today.  WOOT!  It is going to be great! 

Size Healthy
Speaking of health, there is a great "Size Healthy" movement going on over at Oh She Glows.  Go check it out! 

It is a great reminder that you are not defined by the size you wear or the number on the scale.  I love all the pictures of smiling faces, too.  Awesome! 


  1. Uh oh. My daughter caught the swine back in October too. So you're a kickboxing teacher!? That's awesome. :)

  2. Thanks! I just started teaching in January, so it is still very new. It has been quite the learning experience! I still get a little nervous to teach class, but I always feel awesome afterwards. (The Swine Flue was the WORST! Ug!)

  3. Joy I stalked you via Steve's blog! I love this. Can you come kick box my butt into shape?

  4. I would love to kick your butt into shape! :) It would be a great excuse to see you!