Sunday, January 10

Start Over Sunday

Oh, boy. Thanks to stress, frustration and my inability to manage these ugly feelings, I fell off the health wagon on Friday. Actually, let me clarify. I jumped off the wagon.

I didn't workout, I stopped writing down what I ate and make a series of very poor food choices. Intentionally. My mind said, "F-it. This week sucked and the scale says you failed miserably at your weight loss attempts, despite making healthy choices throughout the week." What a nice way to talk to myself, huh?

So, I ate with wild abandon on Friday night. Which led me to feeling crappy on Saturday, so I did it all again. Because it was so effective Friday night (note thick sarcasm). Yuck.

My thinking can be so erroneously black and white. "I messed up, so f-it. I will start over on Monday" The thinking side of my brain knows that such behavior never does any good and never makes me feel better, but the emotion side of my brain doesn't care.

Thank goodness the thinking side of my brain took over because I didn't wait until Monday this weekend! I "started over" today. I made healthy food choices and worked out. Hard. I put in Tae Bo Bootcamp and let Billy Blanks kick my butt and it felt SO GOOD. I was so sore (in a good way) after I was done that it hurt to raise my arms above my head to wash my hair. I am so glad that I didn't wait until Monday. Being proud of my behavior for the day is a much better way to end the weekend, rather then spending the day feeling bad.

I hope that I learned my lesson about "starting over later." I know that I will struggle sometimes, but it is so important to remember that there is no reason to put off healthy choices and "wait until Monday." There is no time like the present to make the right decisions.

I wanted to finish up the weekend by setting myself up for success this week, so I spent an hour cutting up veggies and packing my lunch. I also whipped up a batch of Vitamuffin brownies so that it will be easier to make a good decision when the inevidable afternoon chocolate craving hits.

So easy to make! Just add 2 egg whites and water...

And fill muffin top pans!

Baked and beautiful brownie "muffin tops"!

I like to wrap them individually and then freeze. They in a couple hours, so I just grab one out of the freezer on my way to work.

It doesn't get much easier than that!

Here's to a week of healthy choices and picking myself up immediately if I should stumble or fall!

How do you rebound from unhealthy decisions? Are you kind to yourself?

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