Thursday, July 21

My FitBit Thinks I Am Lazy

I love my FitBit.  If you aren’t familiar with the FitBit, it is the world’s cutest and most advanced pedometer).  Seriously, how cute is this?

I lost it for awhile and by the time I found it, I had gotten out of the habit of wear it so it has been gone unsed for a long time. I just got an activity report that told me that I had 40 steps last week. Ha! All that crazy activity is probably thanks to me moving it from one side of our bedroom to the other.

Out of spite (or motivation, depending how you look at it), I charged my abandoned FitBit and wore it all day on Monday and Wednesday this week. Here is my Monday activity summary (11,346 steps!).

Here is my Wednesday summary (11,394 steps!).

I was surprised to see that the days were only 48 steps different, but I probably shouldn't be because both days were pretty similar: work and Zumba. 

I like being able to review my day and see how active (or not active) I was. It is a good reminder that it isn't just my "official" workout that matters, but also how generally active I am throughout my day.

Tom Venuto (author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle)  has an interesting article related to NEAT or non exercise activity thermogenesis: Why Cardio Doesn’t Work For Some People: A NEAT Explanation.

What motivates you to get moving? 

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